Learning the violin gives us the opportunity to access the world and sound of music!

 It gives us much joy, inspiration and beauty; it requires discipline, patience and support. I am a responsible, talented and engaging teacher whose main purpose is to bring out the best of the student and help him/her discover the infinite world of music. 


With weekly private lessons, the student will learn new techniques, musical skills and music that will help him advance. I set very clear goals with each student, so that when they go home they know what to continue on doing. The teacher – student – parent relationship is of utmost importance in my studio.


I have been fortunate to learn from some of the most outstanding musicians and pedagogues, and I am passionate about passing along all that I know and helping others create a strong relationship with music and the violin.


Teaching method includes a variety of methods including Suzuki, Mimi Zweig and Paul Rolland. Trained with Stacia Spencer at Northwestern University while completing my Master’s degree. Completed in June of 2022 a teacher training retreat in Indiana University with Mimi Zweig.




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